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Payday Loans STB is an informative website about loan opportunities at the short-term in UK.

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Payday Loans STB’s mission is to clarify the UK payday loan environment. We provide useful information for consumers to determine which services have the lowest interest rate, which are the most flexible and hassle-free and even how one might improve their credit score.


Help with Payday Loans

Payday Loans can be a scary concept for those having experienced it negatively in the past. In our efforts, we hope to counterbalance this uncertainty and help you decide which Payday Loan is best for you.

The UK government offers free money advice that is great to consider taking advantage of before starting a Payday loan scheme with a private company.

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver best explains some risks that are associated with Payday loans, in the video below.



Though Payday loans have become a questionable business practice in the United States, the worldwide industry is just taking off. Firms of this sort in the UK offer great value to customers by empowering their finances and charging only modest rates.

Once Payday Loans STB has helped you understand the workings of a Payday loan company, you should no longer be afraid of taking advantage of standard business loopholes to empower your finances.

Business Advice

Payday Loans STB even aims to provide information for small and family businesses looking for new business associates. Certified accountants and business advisors can often be invaluable assets to gain competitiveness in an ever-increasingly saturated work environment. Payday loans are sometimes indispensable for firms looking for an edge over the competition.

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Pay Day Loans Infographic

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